• Oil geology
    Gyro drilling Inclinometer can precisely measure the pitch and heading without the influence of magnetic disturbance. It can work in iron tube and megnet mine area
  • Construction Machine
    Level measurement need the tilt sensor. Especially dynamic tilt sensor can maintain a high accuracy in motion
  • Military and Aviation
    North Finder is a compass. it is used to find true north without the magnatic interference
  • Power and Energy
    Tower safety monitoring system can monitor natural disasters and man-made destruction in real-time and send warning and alarm in time
  • Attitude measurment
    AHRS can precisly measure the attitude and heading in motion, vibration and harsh environments
  • Satcom on the move
    Satellite tracking and control solution for high profile, low profile and parabolic antennas
  • Precision Agriculture
    Witlink's inertial navigation equipment are widely used in precision agriculture because of accurate measurement the pitch and roll in the movement
  • Self-balancing vehicle
    Self-balancing vehicle is a high-tech product, it can control the forward and backward by gyro and g-sensor